Book of Abstract Conference Proceeding Ibn Khaldun International Conference on Applied and Social Sciences (IICASS-20022)


Ibn Khaldun International Conference on Applied and Social Sciences (IICASS-2022) is an annual event organized by Bogor Ibn Khaldun University. The aim of this activity is to provide a forum for scholars, intellectuals, and professionals to share ideas in contributing to the achievement of the SDGs Targets. The theme carried out at this year’s conference is “Challenges and Opportunities in Achieving the SDGs Targets for Meeting the Basic Needs of the People”. IICASS-2022 presented the Mayor of Bogor as the Keynote Speaker and invited six Guest Speakers from five countries, namely India, Yemen, Malaysia, Gambia, and Indonesia.
IICASS-2022 collaborates with various institutions as co-hosts, both domestically and from abroad such as Ibn Haldun University-Turkey, the Institute of Objectives Study-India, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, National Human Rights Commission of The Gambia, National Research and Innovation Agency-BRIN, Djuanda University and so on.
IICASS-2022 discusses various scientific fields in supporting sustainable development which are its sub-themes, including social environmental sciences, environmental economics, green business & entrepreneurship, system engineering, health and sanitation, engineering and science, law and regulation, education for sustainable development, as well as Islamic values and sustainability. We hope that this conference activity will run smoothly and can produce great works of thought for the prosperity and welfare of the wider community at the local, regional and international levels.
On behalf of the Bogor Ibn Khaldun University, we would like to thank all parties who have actively contributed and played a role in the success of IICASS-2022 activities.

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